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We push the limits of what's possible for our patients.

Welcome To Shanti Home - NIMT

A 150-bedded mental health hospital in Noida, Shanti Home NIMT Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Noida. In addition to outpatient and emergency services, SHNIMT offers world-class inpatient and outpatient healthcare.

As a result of our infrastructure, we have access to world-class medical equipment and diagnostic machinery that enable us to provide world-class healthcare at a minimal cost. With the help of modern, cutting-edge technology, diagnostic tools, and other high-end infrastructure, one of the best hospitals in Noida provides medical professionals and compassionate support staff with the best treatments.


Its innovations have been mentioned in various medical journals, especially in Psychiatry. A number of procedures were introduced to India for the first time at this hospital. Experts in their respective fields are renowned for their expertise in the in-house medical specialists.


Through fully air-conditioned and state-of-the-art facilities, the hospital has ensured comfort and hygiene for our patients.

Dr. Rupali P Shivalkar

MBBS, MD (Psychiatry), Consultant Psychiatrist, CMD

Dr. Shweta Jha

Mphil, PhD (Clinical Psychology), Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Soniya Ruhi

MPhil (Clinical Psychology), Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Mr. Jomy George

MSW, Psychiatric Social Worker

Mr. Pankaj Kotarya

MPhil (Clinical psychology), Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Mrs. Sangeeta Mitra

BSW, MSW, PGCBR, Psychiatric Social Worker

About Our Clinic

Shanti Home NIMT for Psychiatric Diseases is a state-of-the-art fully equipped Psychiatric department providing treatment for Psychiatric diseases, Mental health disorders & sleep disorders.

Our Infrastructure & Technology


The center is equipped with high-end infrastructure, path-breaking technology, and experienced medical staff making it a preferred choice of patients for treatment of all types of psychiatric conditions


The Center boasts a unique psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, one of its kind in India, This comprehensive unit is among the few centers in India

Our Services

Counselling Services Psychologist

  • Psychological assessment
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Supportive Psychotherapies like
    • CBT
    • Behaviour modification
    • MET
    • others
  • Relationship/Family Group Counselling
Specific Value Added Services by Creative Therapists, Occupational Therapists & Nursing Professionals
  • Customized inputs e.g:- working with
    • Cognition (CPS)
    • Social Skills Training (SST)
    • Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
    • Pre-vocational Activity (PVA)
    • Mindfulness Approaches
  • Therapies using Creativity and Visual Arts:
    • (Art/Craft/Music/Movement /Pottery/Food)
  • THE 12 STEP process for Substance Abuse

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