Through a unique blend of individualized treatment pathways and holistic healing practices, Shanti Home starts you on your 28-day journey to sustainable recovery. At Shanti Home, we provide the proven ECLECTIC Program using scientific evidence-based treatment (EBT), delivered and monitored by highly qualified healthcare professionals and counselors with substance abuse backgrounds.

For overall wellness, the programme includes yoga, mindfulness, meditation, as well as physical therapy sessions. Additionally, sessions with the client’s family are conducted as part of the holistic approach to keep them informed and involved about the process of addiction and recovery.

It is the ultimate objective of the entire program to assist participants in overcoming addictions, regaining their health, healing family relationships, and pursuing productive careers.

Admission Process

It is highly recommended that you submit current medical reports to us in advance of your arrival if you have any medical conditions. Shanti Home's hospital conducts a comprehensive health check for all residents

Treatment Phases

Even though Shanti Home adheres to the same general framework for its treatment process, various aspects of each phase are customized to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Closed Group Therapy

The 28-day Residential Program is based on the closed group model, which gives therapeutic alliances more room to develop, which, according to studies, is the single most important component in any treatment program that contributes to long-term success

Fitness & Wellness

Our recovery program at Shanti Home includes physical activity. Increasing endorphins – the body’s “feel good” chemicals that act as pain relievers and happiness boosters – causes a general positive feeling, helps reduce the urge to use and reduces the urge to use.


We have designed the Shanti Home schedule in such a way that it focuses on comprehensive well-being of the mind and body, along with counselling and guidance. This not only brings about a sense of discipline and routine but is helpful in working towards health and recovery goals.

Relapse Prevention

No matter how hard you work, if you don’t develop a relapse prevention plan, the efforts and pain will be for nothing.   We at Shanti Home understand this aspect and have integrated it into the treatment process itself to help you build your own personalized plan to prevent relapse after any situation arises. 

Recovery Phase

A holistic treatment program based on Shanti Home’s philosophy recognizes that a patient’s recovery goes beyond just staying sober. It is designed to bring about a transformative change for an individual to learn to live a healthier, 

After Rehab Program

After rehab care at the Shanti Home counseling centers in Delhi NCR enhances the effectiveness of Shanti Home’s comprehensive addiction treatment program.